Front view of entrepreneurship center Established in April, 2017

Our Vision

To be the leading Centre of excellence in positively transforming mind and hands of people through entrepreneurial education, training and providing holistic business development and support services to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Our Dream!

Over 500 startups within a period of 5-years, is to transform the University and its community into an Entrepreneurial haven

Our Mission

  1. To unfold the golden entrepreneurial ideas in students, staff, and small and medium scale enterprises through effective training, coaching, and other intervention
  2. To enable trainees to discover and develop beneficial enterprises by synergizing with the private sector, policymakers, philanthropists, and non-governmental organisations.
  3. Unlocking entrepreneurial capabilities of students through challenges, competition, and other activities to meet the challenge of the 21st

Welcome to
Entrepreneurship Center

“Entrepreneurship center is a center committed to empowering people, and dedicated to serving humanity, it’s about empowering people regardless of where they live, be it urban or rural settings.

it’s about empowering people regardless of who they are, poor or rich, displaced or disabled, elderly or young most importantly, it’s about reliance to ensure that living a quality life is a basic human right”.

Connect with us

Entrepreneurship Centre, Federal University of Technology, Gidan Kwano, Minna. Niger State