Know Us Better

About Us


The Federal University of Technology Entrepreneurship Centre, Minna (FUTEC) Nigeria, is to help our students, staff and local start-up community to thrive. The centre is to provide a venue for developers and the wider business community to engage directly with companies, institutions and training partners like Bank of Industry, PTDF etc. By providing them with technical content, business tools, and infrastructure upgrades to support increasing demand from developers and start-ups.

The Entrepreneurship Centre aims to be a global community of best-in-class start-up organizations. It exists as both a refuge and a resource for the trailblazers working to grow entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world. We hope you’ll join us.

  1. With focus on FUTEC as University Hub, the following are the entrepreneurial mandates:
  2. Powerful Network
  3. Access To Global Start-up Spaces And Platforms
  4. Branding & Promotion
  5. Programs & Events
  6. Partner-To-Partner Offers
  7. Financial Sponsorship
  8. Federal University of Technology Entrepreneurship Centre, Minna (FUTEC) Products

Mission Statement

“To inspire people to transform entrepreneurial capability into entrepreneurial reality for the benefit of themselves and the communities they live in.”


  1.  To create jobs and wealth
  2.  To foster a community’s entrepreneurial climate 
  3. To encourage technology commercialization
  4. To diversify local economies
  5. To build or accelerate growth of local industry clusters
  6. To enhance business creation and retention
  7. To encourage women or minority entrepreneurship
  8. To identify potential spin-in or spin out business opportunities
  9. To achieve community revitalization

The Entrepreneurial Concept of Four-arms Zone

The FUTEC possess four distinct zones covering four distinct areas:
1. Agricultural zone
2. Non-agricultural zone
3. Education ,Training and Development zone
4. Social entrepreneurship zone